Get Involved!

There are many ways in which you can join us in our ministry at the Siam Bangkok Church. You can pray for us, which is always needed and greatly appreciated. We also are always in need of extra hands. The greater the harvest the more people we need, and we believe that now is the time for the harvest in Bangkok as well as in Thailand.

We welcome any teams or individuals that would like to come and serve alongside us in our vision for a short or long period of time. We are always in need of English teachers (you don't have to be qualified, you just need to be able to speak English to be able to teach conversational English with us), but if you have a heart to serve with us in another way, we are open to any suggestions and would love to meet you and have you come and serve with us.

We usually accomadate teams for approximately three weeks, preferably not less than that as we like to be able to give our teams enough time to interact with their students and be a witness by their words as well as by their lives. Although three weeks is the norm we welcome teams that want to stay for a longer period of time too and often take them to experience other parts of Thailand if they stay longer.

We presently have two primary ministries in which you could serve.
1. English Ministry: serving in teaching English for a set period of time daily.
2. Campus Ministry: using your gifts and talents to evangelise to the university students through building relationship with them.

The two ministries usually go hand in hand and when we have teams come to work with us they usually get involved in both, but if you have a heart for one more than the other, we can try to organise a schedule for you that is more geared to one ministry than the other.
We also have the vision to start a coffee shop which in the future will be one of our ministries that teams will get involved in. The coffee shop will be a place of friendship evangelism and we hope to see this ministry up and running as soon as possible.

Individuals that have a heart to serve in any area of the church, especially in teaching, for a longer term,are welcome too. We have seen many individuals come and serve with us and they have found their time here to be a life-changing experience, one where they can really get to know the heart of the church they are serving in and experience living in another culture while serving God.

Some Common Questions:

• How much will it cost me to stay in Thailand?
While here, you can stay in the Home English Centre building for $3US per person per day. The rooms have air conditioning, (a necessity in Thailand) and we have mats for you to sleep on, so if you’re willing to sacrifice a bed for the time that you’re here, that should suit fine. If not, we can help to organize alternate accommodation. The cost of living in Thailand is inexpensive in comparison to most countries and it is especially reasonable in the area where we are situated as we are in a student area. A meal will cost about $1US per person (although it also depends on where yo will be eating).

• How long is the ideal time for us to serve?
The ideal time for a team to be with us is a month. That way the team is able to complete an entire English course and build good relationships with their students. It is ok to be here for two or three weeks, but it is preferable that it is not shorter than that, although we can see what we can do to accommodate you if you really have a heart to serve. Longer than a month is also great and can be really rewarding in having the opportunity to really witness with your life.

• What does it mean to teach conversational English?
Teaching conversational English is just what it says. Teaching English by conversing. Thai people have learnt grammar for many years and we have found that although many of them are familiar with grammar and rules of language, few of them know how to speak fluently. This is because there is no-one for them to converse with in English and so they have no chance to practice speaking. We teach using a series of textbooks that are easily available in Thailand, but most of the course is structured around helping the students to converse with the teacher and with each other. Teaching conversational English requires one skill: being able to speak English. If you can speak it, you can teach someone who cannot.

• Are there any other opportunities to serve?
We welcome any individual or team that wishes to come for a longer period of time. We will help to organize visas, accommodation, and look after you while you are with us. It is important that your church supports you in coming to serve with us as we need to be sure that you wanting to be with us is of God. Contact us if you want to know more about serving long term.

If you come to serve with us short term and you want to experience Hill tribe life and have the opportunity to witness to the people of the hill tribes about Jesus Christ, we often take people up to a church that we are in contact with there for a few days at a time. We can also organize prayer and intercession times, ministry at orphanages… basically, if you have a heart to do it, we can try and organize to help you get into contact with the right people.