Home English Centre:  

The Home English Centre was established as a part of the vision of the Siam Bangkok church. The church came to realize a great opportunity a number of years ago and has ceased it and seen great results. The Home English Centre is a place where Thai people can come and learn Conversational English, at a reasonable price with native speakers of the language, as well as a place where there is an open door for the Gospel to be preached.

Thai society right now is very much focused on becoming more internationally relevant and learning English is becoming an integral part of getting a good job. Over the years we have seen this phenomenon increase more and more and as it increases so does the opportunity to bring the Gospel to the people of Bangkok. Presently in Thailand, there is a trend towards more and more companies linking with companies in foreign countries and without people who can speak English with proficiency, there are very few people who can work in these companies. There are more and more companies who are starting to make it a pre-requisite to be able to speak good English before even coming to a job interview. Many Thai's are becoming desperate to learn English to improve their economic circumstances as the salary in a position that requires proficiency in English is greater than the salary of a position that doesn't require English.

How does the Home English Centre Run?

The Home English Centre can offer affordable classes to Thai students and other people who want to study English because none of their teachers earn a salary. They work with teams of people and individuals from churches and missions organizations that give up their time to come and help serve the people of Thailand and see them come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Situated across the road from the largest University Campus in Thailand (it is also has the greatest number of students for one university in the world), the Home English Centre is in the perfect place to attract university students and young professionals who want to learn English. There is never a shortage of students and never a shortage of opportunity to share the Gospel. The main University that we are near attracts students from all over Thailand. We are also near two International Universities that attract students from many Asian and even African countries. We have the oppurtunity in our hands to not only reach students from all over Thailand, but Chinese, Japenese and African students too. A large majority of the people who come to study with us are university students, but not all of them. The Home English Centre attracts people from all walks of life.

What does the Home English Centre do exactly?

The main program that is run by the Home English Centre is a 20 hour English course over a period of 2 and half weeks. There are less than 10 students per class, making it a comfortable environment for the students to learn. We also have an English church service and other events that we organise for students to come and practice their English in a relaxed environment. It is through all these opportunities that we are able to build relationships with the Thai people and through the relationships we are able to witness by the example of our lives as well as with words. What better way to learn about the gospel than to see it in someone elseís life and know that thatís what you want for your own life?
What could possibly be more exciting than the opportunity to be that person to someone else?

Campus Evangelism

Having our church situated near the largest university in Thailand as well as near a number of other strategic universities, one of our main focuses as a ministry is to reach out to the university students. When we have teams come and join us from other countries we often take the oppurtunity to take the teams onto the campus and allow them to evangelise as well as invite the people that they meet to come and join us in our church or one of the programs run by our English centre. There are so many people that can be reached through evangelism in the universities. The harvest is so great and yet the labourers are so few. The oppurtunities on the campus are endless. We have seen over the years that through friendship evanglism many people can be reached. Whether it be through organising to play sport with the people that you encounter on the campus, teaching them English or allowing them to teach you about their culture. You can reach the people you meet with the love of God!

rnational Service

Being near the international university we have taken the initiative to start an international church service on a Sunday evening in addition to our Thai service which is in the morning. We run the service primarily in English and aim it towards the international students, but also towards our English students from the Home English Centre who want to have more oppurtunity to practice their English. The service starts at 7:00pm and all are welcome to join! Contact us for more details.