Prayer Requests:

“Prayer can move mountains. It can change human hearts, families, cities, and nations. It’s the ultimate source of power because it is the power of Almighty God.”

• Thailand to remain free and open to the Gospel
• Our monthly expenses. We need a total of approximately 100 000 Baht (US$2600) to cover all our monthly costs.
• Our vision to build a coffee shop to accompany and enhance our English ministry.
• The opportunity and finances to buy the building and the land of the place that we are currently renting.

• For our church to work together in unity as one body in Christ.
• For a constant flow of teams to ensure that our English centre is never without teachers and there is always someone around to be able to sow into the lives of our students.
• A van so that we will be able to easily and cost effectively be able to transport the teams that come to serve with us.
• For God to provide strong leaders for the churches that we desire to plant in the near future.
• A notebook and LCD system to help enhance our ministry.
• For the people who are studying with Pastor Sangwien - that they will be diligent and that their hearts will be open to allow God to work in their lives.
•That we will be seen as a place of peace and refuge in our area.