Church Vision

The Siam Bangkok Church has a vision to plant a church in every one of the 76 provinces in Thailand by the year 2025. There are presently approximately 3300 churches in the whole of Thailand, with only about 1% of the population stating that they are Christians. We believe that now is the time for the harvest in Thailand, and although our church is situated in Bangkok, we desire to see the hearts of Thai people all over our country being touched by the love of Jesus Christ.
The church also has a heart for discipleship and longs to see God's people come into their destiny. It is the desire of the Pastor and his wife to see people come into their own destiny in Christ and that the church would have the atmosphere of a family. Sangwien and Papah are the spiritual parents to many and desire to see many more people discipled and many more catch the vision to continue to disciple others.

Church Planting

We currently have one daughter church in Aranya Phathat, in the North Eastern region of Thailand. We are excited about the prospect of another church being planted before the end of the year, by two more of our members, in Central Thailand. We know that these two churches are the first two of many more to come.

The Home English Centre:

Our Home English Centre has been running for many years and we believe that this ministry is a part of the plan that God has given us to be able to reach the unsaved in our area. The Home English Centre gives us an oppurtunity to build relationship with people in the area, giving us the chance to not only sow the seed of the Gospel, but also to witness to our students by our lives. Having volunteers who love God come in from all over the world to help teach at our centre gives us the ability to attract students who want to learn from a native speaker of the language. Through this oppurtunity we can then build closer relationship with the students and witness to them about the love and grace of God.

Campus Ministry:

Being in the proximity of so many universities we have the oppurtunity to reach thousands of University students. We have a vision to reach the students of the universities surrounding us as we know that the people who are in the universities now are the leaders of the future. We desire to see these young people discipled and trained and become strong in their faith in Jesus. In our vicinity we have three universities, the largest one totalling more than 600 000 students, and the other two totalling approximately 20 000 and 60 000 respectively.

Coffee Shop:

We have a vision to build a coffee shop on the same property as our church and our English centre. The purpose of the coffee shop is to draw people in so that we can show them the love of Christ and minister into their lives, but also to use it as a key to enhance our English ministry. We desire to have a place where our students can relax before and after class, drink coffee and get something to eat. The coffee shop will be a place of relationship building with our students and a place where the teams that come to serve with us can relax. Right now we have already started to make plans to build it and although we have no finances at this point in time to start the building process, we are standing in faith that God will provide for us to fulfill the vision that He has given us. God is always faithful!


We realise that in order to plant a church in every province of Thailand by the year 2025 it will take many people and much time to train those people to a level of maturity to be able to pastor a church. We have therefore already started training some of our members for this purpose. Every day, for three hours, a few of our church members gather together to study the Bible with Pastor Sangwien, in what is the start of what we hope one day to be a Bible training centre with many people coming to learn. We have a desire to see our people discipled and desire more of God in their lives.

Bless Thailand Prayer Network:

Pastor Sangwien is a commitee member of an organisation known as the Bless Thailand Prayer Network. He is also in charge of the Thailand National Prayer Day where the churches of Thailand unite together annually to pray for the nation.

Youth For the Nations (YFN)

Pastor Sangwien is also the chairman of Youth for the Nations which is an organisation that has been formed to unite the young people of Thailand for Jesus Christ. Through YFN, events are organised to get the young people of Thailand together to pray, worship and fellowship. YFN desires to prepare the new genaration in Thailand to be ready for great revival in our nation. We have already seen a huge success in the first event that they organised called the "Bangkok Call" earlier this year, in which we saw more than 2000 people come to worship and pray together.